Am Bratach No. 226
August 2010


Images from Durness Highland Gathering Friday, July 30 2010
A selection of our photos from the day
The games results will be posted here when we get them


Outgoing chairman and this year’s chieftain, Iris Mackay, and new chairman, Hugh Morrison, both Durness. Iris had chaired the games committee for eighteen years.


Athletics and dancing competitors Sam O’Kane, Halkirk, Craig Spargo, Thurso, Stephanie Webster, Wick, and sisters Eilidh and Rebecca Paterson from Thurso, refuse to let the rain dampen their spirits.


From the left: Durness-born brothers David and Willie Morrison, Willie D Mackay and his wife, Christine, London. Willie D, a native of Coldbackie, Tongue, has in recent times been a welcome contributor to these pages. He and Willie M, another valuable contributor, knew each other as pupils of Dornoch Academy in the 1950s.

Throwing the weight over the bar requires strength and skill.


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