Am Bratach No. 247
May 2012


Gaelic songs sung by David Morrison, accompanied on the piano by Marlene Rapson.

1. Gad Cuimhneachadh
2. Maighdeanan na h-Airidh
3. Briogais MhicRuaridh
4. Gleann Gallaidh
5. Mo Mhathair
6. Mo Ribhinn Choibhneil
7. Mairi Mhinn Mheall-Shuileach
8. Gu ma slan a chi mi
9. Mo Nighean Chruinn Donn
10. An Ataireachd Ard

This rather special CD, which your correspondent received as a present, is a reminder that not all the best Gaelic singers are to be heard on BBC Alba.

David Morrison is a native Gaelic speaker, born and bred in Durness, now resident in Perthshire. His singing of the songs of Rob Donn, in the bard’s dialect, has long been admired in his own country, and examples can be found among this fine selection of well loved songs, compiled in affectionate memory of the singer’s late parents.

A successful businessman, David Morrison sings only for pleasure. He has a fine baritone voice, crystal clear diction and his breathing is exemplary. Even more importantly, the songs are sung with feeling and style and the piano accompaniment of Helmsdale-born Marlene Rapson is sympathetic.

“Cuimhneachadh” is the Gaelic for remembering. Lovers of the Gaelic language should remember with gratitude George and Jessie Morrison of Sangobeg who brought up David and his siblings speaking and singing in the language of the Garden of Eden.

My CD was purchased in the Loch Croispol Bookshop, Durness.


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