Am Bratach No. 247
May 2012


Forebearers search

I wondered if, through the pages of your news magazine, I might appeal for information about some of my ancestors.

My grandfather, Hugh Mackay of Melvich (son of John Mackay) came south to England in 1900. Up until 1967, however, relatives of ours still lived in Melvich. Their names were Bella MacDougal and Hugh Mackay (son of my grandfather, Hugh). The couple went by the nickname “Ah but, & Bell”. I wondered if any of the most senior citizens of Melvich still have any memories of them, or any anecdotes. If so, I'd be delighted to hear from them. I am also keen to learn of any one who knows of an incident in Melvich when my great grandfather’s croft house burned down. He was John Mackay. I understand that he and two others died in the fire — possibly around the early 1950s — but I’m not sure of the date. His local nickname was, I believe, “Jock the Boot”.

My contact details are mmacka1@, or Michael Mackay, Marlais House, Main Street Stonnall, Walsall, WS9 9U.

Marlais House
Main Street
Walsall, WS9 9U

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