Am Bratach No. 215
September 2009


Mandy wins award with her first novel

Author and environmental campaigner, Mandy Haggith from Achmelvich, near Lochinver, was last week announced as the winner of the inaugural Robin Jenkins Literary Award for her first novel, The Last Bear.

The Last Bear is set 1,000 years ago in the North West Highlands and tells the story of the death of the last remaining bear to live in the wild in Scotland.

Dr Haggith said: “The Last Bear was seven years in the writing and it’s a wonderful feeling to have it recognised in this way. I’m blown away to have my name associated with the author of The Cone Gatherers.

“I hope that exposing the historical decimation of indigenous culture, forest and animals from this part of Scotland, will help in some measure to reduce the damage that we’ll do globally to forests and their people in future. But basically I hope that people will just enjoy reading the story of what happened to the bear.”

The Robin Jenkins Literary Award is given for a work of fiction or non-fiction promoting new Scottish writing with an emphasis on the cultural heritage and environment, especially trees and forestry.

Robin Jenkins (1912-2005) was a distinguished Scottish writer who was a conscientious objector in WWII. His best-known novel is The Cone Gatherers, in which the death of a forest is a central theme.

The Last Bear is published by Two Ravens Press Ltd.

Mandy Haggith is a Bratach contributor

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