Am Bratach No. 210
April 2009


Letter to the editor

Wind turbines already rejected

I am surprised at Assynt Foundation development manager, Mark Lazerri, citing wind turbines as a possible source of income (“Foundation considers forest purchase as lodge works go on”, Am Bratach, March 2009.)

The possibility was emphatically voted down by the community two years ago. The Assynt Foundation has no mandate to raise the issue again and, indeed, if one reads the original buy-out feasibility study — the unabridged version, not the cherry-picked piece that appeared in the local blats — it is debatable whether they were allowed to raise the issue in the first place. The feasibility study clearly stated that on the basis of an albeit small Vox Pop, one thing the community did not wish to see was wind turbines.

Contrary to popular wisdom amongst the uninformed, the Assynt Foundation does not have a mandate to dictate what the area needs and doesn’t need. All though they sometimes behave like a de facto parish council, they seriously over-estimate local support. They bought the land with 38% of the vote. Had those who voted “No” not voted at all, the 50% threshold would not have been reached and that would have been the end of matters. I think it is reasonable to assume that those who didn’t vote were either disinterested or opposed.

Concerns about a lack of transparency in Glencanisp will certainly not be allayed if it is found that the Assynt Foundation is quietly pursuing an agenda that their owners, the community, have categorically rejected.

42 Inverpark
IV27 4LN

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