Advertising with us

It is inexpensive and effective to advertise in the Bratach. For an immediate quote, telephone Jess Wright on 01641 561292 or e-mail



Please ask for our price list. Prices haven't got up for ages and there's no VAT to pay.



If you wish to have some artwork prepared for your advert, you'll need to go a specialist to do the job for you. However, if you are like most of our advertisers and are happy with something simpler, we are happy to do that for you free of charge. E-mail your logos to us in the highest resolution (best quality) you have as separate jpegs or tiffs and we'll do the rest. But don't forget to send the words as well! These can be an any regular word processor or, best of all, in Rich Text Format.


Please try and meet our deadline

With a very small staff, we need your copy in good time. Click here to find the deadline for the next issue.


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